Top Games You Should Play Online

Now that more people have high-speed internet at home and the ease of signing up for new online services and game industry, more people are playing games online. And you don’t need to be a kid to enjoy gaming; gamers in all age groups are spending their leisure time with video games. 


Peer-to-peer network technology has made it easier than ever before for anyone who likes interactive games to find opportunities to play them. You can even connect with other gamers on your mobile device or computer from anywhere in the world. 


If you’ve been gaming for any length of time, you’ll know that there are as many different types of games as there are flavors of ice cream. From first-person shooter games to puzzle games and everything in between, gamers can pick and choose which genres suit them the most. 


The number of game genres is almost endless. To help you get started, here is a list of game types you should try online:

Real Time Strategy (RTS) Games

Real time strategy (RTS) games are some of the oldest types of online games. Some of the earliest RTS games were developed in the ‘80s and ‘90s, with games like Starcraft and Age of Empires. 


Real time strategy games are played in real time, which means that both teams play simultaneously and there is no turn-based system. This means that you will want to play with friends or other players who are online at the same time as you are. While RTS games have been around for a long time, they’re still very popular today. 

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) Games

The MOBA genre got its start when modders took the RTS concept and applied it to the arena shooter. Since then, it has become one of the most popular types of games online. Even though these games are very different from the RTS games of yesteryear, the MOBA genre is still primarily played online. 


Due to the importance of team strategy, MOBA games and online play go hand-in-hand. But it’s not just about working with your friends or random players; you can also find games that are entirely automated so that you can play solo.

First Person Shooter (FPS) Games

The FPS genre is one of the oldest in the gaming industry, starting with Arena and Spacewar in 1961. Since then, the FPS has evolved into many different subtypes, each with their own unique twist on the core concept. FPS is an abbreviation for first person shooter games. 

shooter game

These are games where the player sees through the eyes of the character they are playing. FPS games are probably the most common type of online games you will find. Though they have a long history, modern FPS games have become quite sophisticated, with plenty of different subtypes to choose from. 

Virtual Reality Games

When people think about VR games, they likely imagine a new breed of immersive, sci-fi-inspired games. And while those types of games do exist (and they are awesome), the majority of VR games are re-creations of existing games. In fact, you can even play VR versions of classic board games like chess, go, and poker. 


Virtual reality games give you the experience of being transported to another place, like a fantasy world or a futuristic sci-fi setting. VR games are designed to fully engage your senses, so you can see, smell, taste, and even feel what it would be like to live in that world. 

Card Games

You may not have known that some of the most popular online games are card games. In fact, the sheer variety of card games that are played online is almost staggering. 


Whether you like poker, bridge, or something a little more obscure, you can find it online. You can even play online versions of classic board games like Go or Bridge. 


Card games are any games that are played with a deck of cards. There are many different types of card games, and there are even some that don’t use cards at all. 

Board Games

You can find plenty of board games that are playable online. If you’re new to board games, don’t worry. While they may seem intimidating at first, board games are actually a great gateway into online gaming. 


You can find versions of almost any board game that you can think of, including favorites like Parcheesi, Backgammon, and Scrabble. Board games are games that are played on a board such as a chess board, or they can be card games played with boards. Other examples of board games are Pallacan, Ludo, Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders, and a multitude of others. 

Cooperative Games

As the name implies, cooperative games are games where players work together to achieve a common goal. In many cases, players in cooperative games are competing against a computer-controlled opponent, but not each other. 


There is a wide variety of cooperative games, ranging from side quests in massive RPGs to shorter, simpler games like puzzles and mazes. Cooperative games are types of games where all the players work together against the computer or another group of players. 

Misc. Games

If you’re looking for something a little more esoteric, you can also find plenty of miscellaneous games online. The types of games that fall under this category are almost endless, covering things like logic puzzles, trivia, and even pure silliness. 


You can even find a few games that aren’t games at all, such as chat rooms and forums. There are so many miscellaneous games online, you can spend years trying to play them all! 


With so many different online game options available, it can be tricky to understand which ones are worth your time and which ones aren’t. The internet has made it much easier to find the perfect game that you want to play. And everyone can find a game they love with just a few clicks! 


Now that you know about the most popular types of games you can play online, why not experiment a bit and see which ones you like best? You can try lots of different genres, from RPG to RTS, FPS, and more. 


There are also plenty of games that span multiple genres. Take your time, and you may find that you’re becoming a more well-rounded gamer in the process!


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